Success Does Not Come Overnight

Success Does Not Come Overnight

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Writing books and creating a crime novel brand that will lead to a TV/streaming series is a big task and overnight success is a myth. In the early stage, there are not many supporters and it is important to keep yourself going, no matter what.

I want to share with you the new driving force tool that I am using that is one of the most self-development apps I have used in years, including a habit tracker, to-do-list and project management tool, and a surprisingly on-spot AI driving self-help coach.

Remember I recently wrote an article about why to move on from self-help gurus:

When To Move On From Your Self-Help Gurus
Many people - including myself - fall into a serious trap when it comes to self-help advice and the gurus behind them. Here is my secret to using their strategies without being tricked.

Self-Development is very important, and many of those "inspiring" self-help gurus and personalities often stay in the way of your own success. Because they keep you distracted with their own show that there is little time left to actually do the things you need to do to succeed ON YOUR OWN instead.

Here is where this amazing new app is coming in: NO SELF-HELP GURUS involved, just pure self-help advice BASED on your own actions - coming from an AI instead.

While you work the small bite-sized advice sessions, create your own routines, explore how your habits work for or against you, add tasks lists and goals, and put big dreams into achievable action plans - the AI sees what you do - and if it is just "cheap talk" and "wishful thinking" and where you actually do take action for real.

Since there is no coach in evolved there is no silly ego business involved and it just you and your challenges to be met. Self-Help after all is HELPING YOURSELF.

See how to join me in using this app here.  

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