Canary Islands Murders comitted on behalf of German from Pforzheim

In March 2023, this article was published in my hometown of Pforzheim by the Badischer Kurier - the newspaper also known locally as the "Pforzheimer Kurier".

Canary Islands Murders comitted on behalf of German from Pforzheim

via Pforzheimer Kurier - German Newspaper Report from March 14th, 2023
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In March 2023, this article was published in my hometown of Pforzheim by the Badischer Kurier - the newspaper also known locally as the "Pforzheimer Kurier".
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With his debut crime novel "DineOpinion - Deadly Reviews", Semmy de Nada wants to establish nothing less than a brand: the "Canary Islands Murders".
And as he so enthusiastically tells stories from his life without a period, raving about the islands and his plans, there is no doubt that he will follow through.

Each mystery in the "Canary Islands Murders" series is to be set on one of the eight Canary Islands." One of my goals is to get people excited about the beauty and mysteries of the Canary Islands and bring them to the islands," the author explains.

So all the tourist attractions and scenic features in the book really exist. Only one crime scene, the "Seahorse Restaurant," is fictional.

The first book has already been published in German and Spanish. English will follow in May. The action takes place in idyllic Garachico on Tenerife. The first dead woman is the owner of a romantic restaurant on the coastal road.

Several deaths follow in the 244 pages. Restaurant critics, Internet dangers, crises of self-discovery, human shallows, a vendetta, sexual identity, and vegan nail polish all play a role. A lawyer, a hacker, and a private investigator are in their element; and all three characters contain a piece of the author's personality.

Semmy is a native of Pforzheim, a trained publishing merchant, and has been "online since the 1980s," when most people didn't even know what the Internet was. So he can identify very well with the young hacker Nacho "Nate" Lukas.

The author and private investigator Otis Wilhelm have a photographic memory. The lawyer, "a McGyver for interpersonal relationships," wears the same red hat as Semmy. And yellow nail polish is also found on Semmy's fingernails.

The author received expert advice from a Spanish policeman friend, who also came up with the idea for the trademark of the crime series: the group of islands as bloodstains.

Semmy's great writing role model is Dan Brown, "because he uses so many facts." He also took an online course on "thriller writing" with him.

For the presentation of his first crime novel, Semmy met this editorial team at Café Arlinger, with whose owner family Göbel he is good friends. Semmy grew up in the Arlinger, developed into a polyglot jack-of-all-trades, and calls himself a "quirky artist." In the 1990s he lived in Stuttgart and Cologne, worked as a professional coach, copywriter, and presenter specializing in Internet technologies, as an actor, and model, and did stand-up comedy.

He tried his luck in Los Angeles (USA) and lived on a houseboat in Amsterdam before he made his home on the Canary Islands 20 years ago - on the islands to which his first vacation trip with his partner took him by chance in 1992. He comes to Pforzheim once a month to visit his 95-year-old mother in the Arlinger.

The "Canary Islands Murders" crime series is not Semmy de Nada's first publication. At the end of the 1990s, he published his first computer book, which sold almost 100,000 copies. In "56 - haunted by a number" he gets to the bottom of the mystery surrounding the meaning of this number.

In the following Canary crime novels, Semmy wants to incorporate more artificial intelligence (AI). Just as the kitchen machine helps knead the dough, he says, AI should ensure that he can write faster. Right now, he's also writing a TV bible that will allow his mystery novels to be adapted as a series.

His next goal is to find a publisher for his crime series. So far, he is self-publishing. As a result, the final linguistic polish of an editor is still missing at one point or another.

But that doesn't detract from the suspense.

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