New Album by Howard Jones is Here!

I am excited to share that one of my favorite artists, Howard Jones, released his new and extremely uplifting album "Dialogue". He continues to create music with the most positive lyrics that want you to push forward, not giving up.

It has been a major help in my troubled and challenging times and keeps me moving forward writing and completing my life-time-goal of making Canary Islands Murders an exciting crime novel brand for many people to enjoy.

Super lyrics are in "I Believe In You" & "Who You Want To Really Be".

Check out his lyrics for sure and listen to the Album for example on Spotify!

P.S.: By the way did you know I have my own Playlist for the series already?

“Canary Islands Murders” Soundtrack
I have for a long time already a collections of music peaces that I imagine to be in the upcoming TV/Movies/Streaming-Series that will eventually turn out from my writing for the Canary Islands Murders novels.
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