"The Fingernail Polish Crime Novel" by Semmy de Nada

What is going on with all those painted nails around Semmy de Nada and his novel DineOpinon?

"The Fingernail Polish Crime Novel" by Semmy de Nada
Semmy de Nada featuring Seahorse-Restaurant & Nail Polish plus the red fedora of Filbert Dols

So people keep asking me what's up with those painted nails after all?
A marketing device? A personal eccentric trait? The latest fashionable thing to do in 2021 and beyond - even by men labeling themselves heterosexual?

Dine Opinion Crime Novel
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Who would think a bottle of vegan water-based (!) yellow fingernail paint would have so much impact in a crime novel - and the writer himself?

See when I started writing the crime novel and added the quite challenging idea
that nobody would know the gender of the serial killer for 2/3 of the book - and the only detail to be known is that this person is painting his finger nails to mislead the readers in a fun way...

I had no idea what would going to happen to myself.

While I do not want to give any spoilers on the story line, all I can say is that one of the characters in the novel goes through a mayor transformation and in the end finds a new freedom by using nail polish to express his personality and the freedom to be unique for sure.

While, me, the author did fight many seemingly never-ending years of suffering depression I recovered myself with many tools and strategies, but to my own surprise: painting my fingernails and adding colors to my life was ONE MAYOR FACTOR to help me in that recovery process.

In fact, the COURAGE to wear finger nail is a big, big clue. No big deal if you live in Berlin, Paris, Barcelona or any other big cosmopolitan city. But BOY does it take COURAGE to be yourself wearing colored nails as a men - still in 2021 and beyond.

In this kind of an insight: nail polish can indeed be a powerful self-improvement tool for sure. And: it can inspire others, too!

In fact, there is now this self-help-book on the horizon:

Nailed - A Surprising Depression Antidote For Men
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