Are You My Literary Agent?

Are you a literary agent looking for crime novelists?

Are You My Literary Agent?
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Are you an accredited literary agent that is representing authors for multi-lingual markets in the crime novel marketplace?

Are you excited to join the excitement about the Canary Islands and their potential to attract readers to visit this beautiful travel destination through the published works of the Canary Islands Murders?

Are you connected to networks to produce crime novel series for streaming platforms and their producers?

As I am a trained publisher by origin (certified in Germany in the '80s) and being published a non-fiction book (sold over 100,000 copies for a computer topic in 1998) I see my literary agent as a perfect match to take my crime novel brand project right off to the perfect start into the development of a major project including both print and video/film media.

Meet Me At The Frankfurt Book Fair October 2022
Meet me from 19 - 23 October 2022, when the Frankfurter Buchmesse will once again open its doors.

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