High-5 * The Self-Help Fundraiser

What if you could improve yourself could contribute to my project at the same time. Learn how and join my the High-Five-Fundraiser!

High-5 * The Self-Help Fundraiser
Here is a different way to improve yourself while you can help to contribute to the Canary Islands Murders project and fund raise while you join one of the most innovative self-help app, that will be here to stay!
  1. Make a picture giving you High-5 in the mirror like mine above
  2. Join the Growth-Day app for free (when you upgrade for their
    full membership I will receive a small part, which is used for my
    fundraiser work to support Canary Island Murders!)
  3. Join the High-5-Challenge IN THE APP and use your picture!
  4. 4. Follow me on Instagram at @semmydenada & @selfhelp.quest

Read My Daily Selfhelp Diary

Selfhelp.Quest | The Diary
This is the selfhelp diary of Semmy de Nada that is documenting since October 1st 2022 my ups and downs in the journey of establishing my crime novel brand CanaryIslandsMurders.com

What's up with those colored nails?

“The Fingernail Polish Crime Novel” by Semmy de Nada
What is going on with all those painted nails around Semmy de Nada and his novel DineOpinon?
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