Dineopinion - English

When the owner of a brand new restaurant in Garachico kills herself after a wave of harsh negative restaurant reviews, it starts a series of murders in Tenerife of the very same restaurant critics. Will her son Moritz stop the madness before he becomes a suspect himself?  

Moritz Abella is devastated when he finds his mother Valerie dead in Garachico so soon after the opening of her new small restaurant. Was the avalanche of negative reviews really a reason to kill himself over it?

Frantic efforts to save his mother's reputation and his inheritance lead him into the ruthless world of social media and ratings portals, and a young hacker uncovers more than Moritz is comfortable with.

Which serial killer is now taking revenge on restaurant critics so suddenly and inexorably? Moritz doesn't have much time left to prove he's not the culprit, or he'll lose everything.

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