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All about the English audio books by Semmy de Nada and the Canary Islands Murders.

Audiobooks English

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💣 IMPORTANT: I am looking for a native English UK speaker and US speaker to do the full audio versions of the project

Interested in the full version of the English audio book of crime novel Dine Opinion?

At the moment the full English audio version is being prepared and recorded and edited, this will surely take up to two months to arrive. The German and Spanish versions are also in the works.

Without fundraising, it will take longer.

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@semmydenada * Reading sample of Semmy de Nada * October 2022 at the #frankfurterbuchmesse#buchmessefrankfurt ♬ original sound - semmydenada

Audiolibros Español
Todo sobre los audiolibros alemanes de Semmy de Nada y los Asesinatos de Canarias.
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Alles über die deutschen Hörbücher von Semmy de Nada und den Canary Islands Murders.
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