Semmy's Success Tools

Without those tools I would not have been able to finish my novels and move all my projects forward. So this is the page to share some of the jewels I have in my tool chest.

What I currently do can be summarized in this mix:

The mindset & strategy insights I gained from those books over the last decades below plus using a very limited number of apps for productivity.

Atomic Habits plus The-5-Second-Rule meets Workflowy, while the Science Of Getting Rich combined with insights from Abraham Hicks works in the background.

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Mindset & Strategy

Atomic Habits

The most impact book on my life about understanding how to trick myself out of bad habits into the ones that make things happen - and the book that pushed me to completing my first crime novel as well. Invaluable!

James Clear's life-boosting book sold over nine Million times for a reason:

Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones
Packed with evidence-based strategies, Atomic Habits will teach you how to make small changes that will transform your habits and deliver amazing results.

The 5-Second-Rule

The most stupid advice you probably have ever heard that will take you 5 seconds to change your life around and get back in charge. I am still in awe it took me until 2022 to encounter this powerful ingredient to

"Secret" Workshop (very recommended):

The Science Of Getting Rich

The Science of Getting Rich is a book written by the New Thought Movement writer Wallace D. Wattles and published in 1910 and must be THE MOST INFLUENTIAL BOOK I have ever read in my life. It contributed to my crazy life in all ups and all downs alike (and in all the new current ups that are happening as well!)

The Science of Getting Rich - Wikipedia

Also included in the compilation called "The Prosperity Bible". While I am agnostic I think the usage of the word "bible" is and will be always overrated, but I still recommend you google it:

Abraham Hicks

The buzz from the movie "The Secret" aside. This is one of the few places where I like to connect and dive into the "Law of Attraction" ORIGINAL source. And while a whole self-help industry has been built on the idea of the "Law Of Attraction" I consider this as one of the pure undiluted reference points to go to:

Abraham-Hicks Publications - Law of Attraction Official Site
The original material for the current Law of Attraction wave that is sweeping the world and the fountainhead of which the movie, “The Secret” was based.

Apps & Productivity

Focus is everything and I would not have believed that you can use ONE app to completely organize your life. You can structure and pinpoint any idea of - ANYTHING. With the combination of the 5-Second-Rule above it is unbeatable!

I have been able to write and complete my first Crime Novel with it and use it to get everything done needed to make it a success including to pitch it to publishers and write all the other books in order to complete the series to turn it into a streaming series with a movie/TV-production to come.

GrowthDay Success App

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