You know that you should have different passwords for every website you sign up for, right? I certainly do and I even have a strategy to easily memorize them for hundreds of websites without writing them down.

My hacker Nate Lukas from CanaryIslandsMurders.com is not just a character in a novel series. These things are for real. Here is what happened today. I received an email notification that my account at TAP Airlines (the great Portugal airline that offers amazing connections at great prices, mind you!)

Yes, I was hacked and my personal data was exposed somewhere. It happens weekly everywhere. Of course I changed my password at once.

Since I just use a different password with every service and company online I am completely safe - because this password of mine is now publicly visible - and there is no way to remove it online.

Imagine if I would have 20,30 or more accounts with the same password - how long would it take me to change those passwords? 15 Minutes? 2 Hours? In the meantime hackers and attackers would  be able to sign into my Twitter account or other social media - or worse hacking my payment and banking systems. (Mind you, my Twitter account was indeed hacked in the past and I could luckily recover it within a few days.)

I have just created a new page called "Your Online Security" where I add helpful tools for you (for members!):

Your Online Security
Since in my crime novel series I cover a lot of Internet related security topics, this is a page where I add related topics and things that might be of interest to you.
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