Fundraise With High-5

Damn, fundraising is hard!

While I successfully did complete a fundraiser in the last months to pay my Spanish translator to complete my crime novel script DineOpinon I learned a few things:

  • It takes damn courage to ask strangers and even - friend and family - the 5-Second-Rule from Mel Robbins helps!
  • You have to keep asking without being afraid or second-guessing yourself
  • You have to ignore people who in return insult you like "go, get a job and stop bugging people to send you money, you freeloader..."
  • There are many people who are willing to support you - no matter what kind of project you have going on!

I am now using a fun way to fund raise, by making people "High-5 Themselves"
and join me (inspired by Mel Robbins, mind you) in a empowering self-help-app
that will benefit YOU big time in return as well:

High-5 * The Self-Help Fundraiser
What if you could improve yourself could contribute to my project at the same time. Learn how and join my the High-Five-Fundraiser!
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