About The Canary Islands Murders

"The Canary Islands Murders is a suspense thriller brand to share and promote enthusiasm about the Canary Islands and their exciting locations and secrets."

Canary Islands Murders features three unique characters of diverse age groups and sexual orientations stumble into adventures and discoveries in the Canary Islands. Not police or the commissar himself is the main focus but a young rebellious hacker, a seasoned lawyer who seems to be able to connect with anyone in minutes and a stranded private detective that actually never wanted to come to the Canary Islands in the first place...

The series mixes technology topics including computer hacking, privacy invasion but also how every body realities are manipulated with fake news, fake reviews, unreal dating profiles. In addition the discovery how people understand themselves and perceive each other with their sexual orientation story lines take twist and turns while they want to make the readers want to visit the real locations of the Canary Islands to discover their mysteries on their own.

The Canary Islands Murders is the brainchild and crime series brand of Semmy Stumpp.  He currently writes the suspense novel series under his pseudonym "Semmy de Nada". The first manuscript for DineOpinion is available in German, English and Spanish and rights can be obtained at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2022.  

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