Free Bookmarks

Get a free signed bookmark by Semmy de Nada. Here is how you get yours!

Free Bookmarks

Do you want a free signed bookmark?

No problem!

Here's how it works:

1. Buy a book on * Note: right now the German version is available, the English version will be available in November 2022, followed by the Spanish version in December 2022.

2. Write a review either on Amazon (I prefer that!) or directly on my provider Tredition (there I earn more, but it does not flow into my Amazon ranking!) * You can of course rate on several platforms, for example then also on Goodreads.

3. Send me a photo/screenshot of your review to - register for free on with your address and I will send you a bookmark (please be patient it can take 1-2 weeks with the many requests!).

4. BONUS! If you share the photo on social media of it and are registered on, you can win a signed book every month!

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